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It is normal for both genders to search for guys/girls who are attractive and have good qualities. You want your profile or any other dating site to be appealing for people to take interest.

Melanie Martin

I have been back & forth on POF for several years. I have met people,and began a relationship. It has not worked out (the relationship), but POF is still there and I come back and try it again!
There are genuine ppl on the site, but there are many who are not. You have to "sort" thru the bodies to try and get to the real deal. No way to do it except by trial & error.
You would think by age 58, I would be able to tell the difference. Not so.. people have become very savy at this internet dating, and many have made it a lifestyle. Not to find Ms. Right, but to get what they can & move on top the next "lucky girl".


As a 47 year old successful, good loiokng, decent and fun guy, I tried all sites from E-harmony, Match and the worst, Chemistry99% were fake pictures, or auto-emails. Their point is to make profit of off you. Go out, expand your net, be you and you will meet amazing people. Lazy people try to use a computer. I have had more dates and more fun just say Hi my name is what is yours? and show a big smile. Expand your net, go new places, magic will happen..I promise.

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