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Is someone really going to sign up for this dating service just because it offers a streaming music album? If I were going to sign up for such a service, I'd do it to meet people, not to get free music.

Games are for Children

Mark Brooks

Naturally, but as you choose between Friendster and MySpace and Multiply, and the myriad other social networking sites, would you choose a site that has an edge, more interesting, more innnovative? Perhaps MySpace would get you on account of them being a little more cool. Or, then, perhaps just go to Multiply because they do a great job of hosting pics. At the end of the day, it's a branding thing, designed to hit you somewhere between the head and the heart.

Mark Brooks

Mary Spio

Hi Steve,
It’s not about the free music, the value lies in the fact that people are seeking online ecosystems – communities where members are self-sustained and receive intangibles that they don’t get elsewhere. Music is the lifeblood of today’s culture, by offering music MySpace has shown their members that they care, and that they have their finger on the pulse, it is this type of intimate arm-around-the-shoulder relationship that will drive the future success of the personals industry.

MySapace in a lot of ways is lightyears ahead of most dating communities that only offer dating. Singles especially are looking for community not just dating, and MySpace addresses that quiet nicely. Other dating sites should follow their lead and offer their members lifestyle resources and creative perks if they want to see higher conversion rates and high member loyalty.

For more information on marketing to singles please see an extensive report that was released in tandem with the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Unmarried America at

Mary Spio
Singles Lifestyle Demographer
Editor-in-Chief, One2One Magazine

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