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You always have interesting tidbits on your subject matter. Thanks.

David Evans

Oddcast is a great service, have played around with it for a while. Unless the host is tightly integrated into the database and functionality of the site, they tend to be more annoying than they are worth.

Mark Pavan

Very observant Mark. We temporarily removed the tour because it referred to our legacy Microsoft architecture, which we migrated away from because it was not economically scalable. We now use a completely proprietary code base on an open source archicture and it has resulted in provisioning cost reductions of 80% and scalability increases of 1000%. Small wonder then that MSFT is so concerned about the open source revolution. For those interested, the tour can still be viewed at:

Mark Pavan
President and CEO
Lemontonic Inc.

google lover

Google buying Youtube!! Had to laugh when i saw youggle being the combo. I just had a browse around the website and did not see any virtual host? but still youggle looks like a take off from myspace. myspace + youtube + google = youggle.

Any rate mike it was a great review to read. And i found a new site to hang out in.. cheers


I just signed up to its a pretty cool website. I agree with comments above Youggle is a combo of youtube and google, with bits of facebook.
dam cool idea!!! See yahoo failed to buy facebook! maybe they should buy youggle.

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