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Frederic Desjardins @

Background check ... sounds like the old days communism.

People tend to forget that criminals are less than 2% of the population! Does that warrants a background check of 100% of the population! Very UNamerican...

There is as much risk doing internet dating than going out in a club to do the same.

It is just a bunch of paranoids who hate freedom!


Well Im on the fence with this proposed bill. On one hand I agree that it may be an extreme measure to do a mandatory background check during the registration process. On the other I do think it may be helpful to stop sexual predators from attacking people. I think that if you are chatting with someone online and your gut tells you that their shady and they may not be who they say they are then do a background check on your own before you meet them in person. Your natural instinct is usually spot on and if you need the verification for yourself then running a background check on your own is a quick and easy solution.

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