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John Smith

I don't think it's right to call this process abhorrent. It is clearly catering for a niche and there are a number of sites out there alongside that are doing it. From what I understand, earning per Unique Visitor and per signup are much higher than traditional and even adult dating.

Mark Brooks

Great business. I'm sure it converts very well. But, by any definition, in any culture, providing a platform specifically for married people to cheat is abhorrent.

But, hey, let the people vote, the demand is there and I understand your business reasons for serving the need. It's not illegal.

My great concern is for the social consequences. I'm less concerned with the users actions in being unfaithful, so much as the consequences. Guys (and girls) do crazy things when they find that their partners have been lying and cheating on them. Let me paint a picture. Guy finds out his wife is cheating, pulls gun, boom! That's the kind of fire sites that specialise in this niche are playing with. That's what you may have on your conscience. But, great business, good money. What to do?

John Smith

Hi Mark,

Interesting debate. At the end of the day these kind of sites are fulfilling a human desire, they are not generally the kind of sites that you would stumble across in the "normal" online dating arena. If you are prone to be unfaithful, is it safer to be using one of these online service than cruising bars or picking up hookers? Possibly. Many people are happily married but do not get the sex or excitement from their partner. They may want to stay married for convenience, companionship or perhaps for the kids, but to find their love elsewhere. Is that abhorrent? Not in my book; just a product of the system of marriage and the human condition.

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