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Dave Evans

According to Gail at Spark, some of the MingleMatch properties will be
integrated into existing Spark sites while others will remain standalone. I bet
they will cherry pick the high-value members and leave the rest alone. I don't
really get why this deal went through, growth across MingleMatch sites wasn't
that hot. Spark is in quiet period so we won't know more details for a while
but I bet they overpaid for more members to appear more attractive to investors.

I wrote last fall about MM membership:

1,000,000 new subs / 20 sites = average of 50,000 members per site. If each
site grew
twofold in 9 months, sites averaged 25,000 members each in January. No
indication on original paid subs to use as a base to give some perspective to
the 133% growth claim.

Perhaps they wanted to appear to blanket more niche sites? In that case the MM
deal makes sense.

Ann Hayzer

I don't know about the other sites, but Prime Singles seems to be in decline. Some days only 3 or 4 members are online, many appear to be unpaid members or have not used the site for at least 2 months. I've certainly seen a difference in activity over the last year. I'm wondering if the site is advertised at all, or if anything is being done to attract new members - especially males!

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