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Rich Gosse

Interesting that so many men allegedly are seeking a woman who earns more money than they do. One study found that when the wife earns more than the husband, it doubles the divorce rate! My observation is that men like to believe that they are superior to their women: they want to be bigger, taller, wealthier, smarter, better-educated. The male ego just can't stomach a romantic involvement with a superior woman!


Rich Gosse. My ego will not mind it. :) When can you find someone that makes millions? I would love a woman much younger, that makes a lot of money, highly educated, and quite model looking. Most men would find that this would not hurt and damage their ego. Sugar daddy web sites are big and huge right now. Older wealthy men wanting younger beautiful women. Now the new and next thing to go seek and go into is men who want a woman that is much superior than them who makes much more money. Then the men can retire at 40 and drink beer on the couch. :~) The sugar momma web site niche and fad is going to be the happening thing of today. I have been waiting my whole entire life for this! It is not about the money though. You must find someone in life based on their personality and compatability. Interesting comments that you have on this though..... Do most people want the money or something else? Mark.

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