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Dave Evans started doing this a few years ago. The "technology" looked pretty sketchy, back then. I guess if you can afford a RealDoll you can afford a jungle-gym contraption that connects to the interweb. AdultFriendFinder members have been doing this for a long time as well although it is not officially offered on the site. What does have to do with public sex awareness?

Fernando Ardenghi

Quite interesting Mark Brook's site!!!

Perhaps The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex must get involved
in researching this topic.

Kathryn Lord

Yikes. I wrote about this development on my blog ( It certainly is high on my weirdness scale.

Along with being a Romance Coach, I am also a psychotherapist with almost 30 years practice, and I have seen more and more problems arising for folks as this sort of technology becomes available. In the mid 1990's, I saw my first couple break up because of an email relationship that budded into more. I saw a middle aged married woman low on the attractiveness scale who became addicted to contacting men over the net, haveing virtual sex using web cams, and then meeting them in shady motels for face to face (or other parts) sex. Caller ID has (thankfully) put an end to obscene phone calls, but our ability to handle complicated interpersonal and sexual situations is not keeping up with the technology that facilitates it.

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