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Sam Moorcroft, ChristianCafe.com

What is the point of going to a site that is essentially inactive?ChristianSingles.com has the benefit of a decent search engine listing (due to its two keywords in its domain), so some will think it is active, based on its listing.

However, having an Alexa ranking of over 200,000 means it is hardly being used even by its own webmaster (whom I know - nice guy).

This leads to a related issue: the current ranking system search engines use is entirely inaccurate. It seems to have little to do with displaying what a user is looking for, in this case an active Christian singles site.

I am looking forward to the day when a search produces viable results. I realise companies like Yahoo and Google and others are working on this, as it is a common complaint.


... interesting... I met my current boyfriend thru a niche site, one more embarassing than some Christian site. We met thru one of those sleazy online sex/hook up sites. Neither of us are the type, but the things you do when you're bored and lonely and can't sleep....
After 2 emails he flew me out to NYC- I'd given him my phone number in the second email because I was sick of typing in length with dudes who turned out not to be "for real". He flew me from Buffalo to NYC after we talked for only 20 minutes. We were both bored and tickets are cheap (enough).
Worst that could have happened (for me) was to get a cheap hotel room for a night and still have had a free ticket to NYC...
Obviously, he turned out to be cool...


Then again, there's always the other Christian Singles site called "Real Christian Singles." It's free but is still a ton of fun.

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