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Fernando Ardenghi

Would be interesting to launch a serious niche online dating site, exclusively designed to those who had been previously hurt in their feelings by many persons in other non-serious online dating sites!!!


Fernando Ardenghi.
Buenos Aires.
[email protected]

Sam Moorcroft, ChristianCafe.com

There seems to be all this media buzz about all these specialised sites popping up. But, how many of them are actually viable commercially? With respect to the deaf singles out there, how is a site like "Deaf Singles Connection" ever going to make it? Is it that important for deaf people to marry other deaf people?

The same goes for pet owners. I have 3 cats, a Doberman (& another one coming), & a green-wing Macaw, but that was not a factor in me marrying my (lovely & wonderful) wife. Yes, it was nice that she liked pets, too, but she didn't have to have any when I met her (which she didn't) for me to have dated her.

Very few specialised sites have any chance of working (at all), commercially. Companies like Spark.net don't seem to get that. But, the market will, I'll wager. I seriously doubt there is any appetite in the investment community for such well-meaning-but-impractical-business-wise sites.

Free Online Dating Lover

I also want to add that as far as I know, very little sites do other languages beside english. I am from cuba for instance so my english is bad.

Jennifer Ryan

I feel as though niche dating sites have a place as not everyone is the same. For some, they might have a mental illness, physical disability or some other infliction. Also, with Covid-19 I can see sites catering to more people because of the quarantine.

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