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Stephen Sclafani

You could do what, and many other sites do, and give people a choice of font sizes that they can choose from.


I am going to guess that your site is designed and tested on Windows PCs and never viewed from a mac. For mac u users the text is extremely small. This is due to the different dpi's used by each OS.

Since you generally do not add a lot of content every day, it would be easy to increase the font size without risking new stuff ending up "below the fold."

thanks for the great site.


I appreciate your content...and I appreciate that my opinion on font size is only one person's.

That said...I like it the way it is :) :)

Glenn Gasner

I like the font size right now. I had the same concern about my own site, with so much content I think a small font makes sense so you can fit everything in.


Looks way too small on high screen resolutions :(

Hakan Caliskan

I am reading OPW with 1024x768 resulation on my laptop. I never think there is o problem about font size. But yes, there might be on high screen resolations.

Fernando Ardenghi

I think the size is OK.
More useful will be a SEARCH tool, to find articles and comments.

Kindest Regards,

Fernando Ardenghi
Buenos Aires.
[email protected]

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