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Fernando Ardenghi

"........... If they are patient the attraction can come back stronger than ever.........."

Will be difficult for the majority of the young persons to be patient, they are very used to instant coffee, instant soup, instant loans, instant calls&answers, instant messages, call-now instant-offers and so on.

Of course I strongly agree with "...compatibility tests are at best introductions..." and "....They help lessen the field of people to focus in on........But instead of going through a thousand people, you only need to go through perhaps 25 people."

Many persons will need the first-step-dating-process done for them, they will pay for quality contacts / compatible real persons at affordable costs.
The Online Dating Industry urgently needs more power calculation and more precise/reliable matching techniques, like “here you have a list of 48 persons most compatible in a 10 million database's prospects”. Need to take into account that temporal patterns of relationship variables: combination of physique, personality, intelligence, social background, attitudes, habits and leisure preferences may indeed play a significant role between mates / prospective mates!
Early stage of temporal patterns: a combination of high level of infatuation, fantasy, passion, physical attraction between prospective mates?
Middle stage of temporal patterns: a considerable degree of similarity on social background, attitudes, habits and leisure preferences between mates?
Last stage of temporal patterns: if only high level on personality similarity between mates / couples could be the core of relationship stability and satisfaction?

Mr. Brooks, please in the second part of the interview ask Dr. Gray about:

His own online dating site
(his books are best-sellers's Alexa rank is 90,570, but his own online dating site is Alexa rank 603,481)

His work/performance as one of's dating and relationship experts


what He thinks about:
Legislation, Quality Norms, Code of Ethics, the Industry Forecast up to 2008, SITRAS/IDEAOASIS/IADW and


Fernando Ardenghi.
Buenos Aires.
[email protected]


Great job, Mark.


the chemistry that makes it all happen can not be transmitted via the internet. i have used online dating sefvies and so have my freinds. no matter how "compatible" the match is supposed to be... if it aint clicking it aint happening...

i see it more as the sign of our times... we want the real thing but the efford must be = to zero, we are consumers...

here i am
entertain me

move your ass
get yourself out there
embrace life
and things will start happening



quite informative post...very well written...

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