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Fernando Ardenghi

They use the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) a DISC-based system. In the 1920's, Harvard-trained psychologist and lawyer William Moulton Marston (PhD) developed a theory to better understand human emotional responses. To test his theories, Marston proposed four factors he viewed as the cornerstones of personality: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. It is from these four factors that DISC theory takes its name.
The PPA is a forced-choice ipsative instrument, meaning that it describes the individual in a self-referential way ( i.e.: against themselves).
Normative instruments by comparison are inter-individual, meaning they describe the individuals against a norm group.
The forced-choice format was developed to minimize the bias introduced by
the effects of social desirability and response style. Requiring respondents to answer with only MOST or LEAST, effectively eliminates response variance.

You could see more info at

The compatibility report is only a written one (as many online dating sites are offering or plan to offer)like:

"Romeo and Julieta /// compatibility report:

Romeo is usually confident, competitive, forceful, independent and adventurous with a high degree of pace and mobility. He will take risks and overstep prerogatives if he considers it necessary to reach goals. Romeo usually uses assertive persuasion to convince and win others over to his point of view. However, if this fails, he will often resort to either verbal aggression or withdrawal. On the other hand, if Romeo thinks he has offended someone, his need to remain popular suggests that he will turn on the charm and chat in order to repair the damage. Romeo is usually quick to think on his feet and is fast to act and react.

Julieta has a friendly, outgoing attitude toward others, which, coupled with an innate need to be liked and to avoid confrontation, could make her appear anxious to impress. She tends to be suggestive rather than decisive, and she will use persuasion, fact and detail to win others over to her point of view. Julieta can absorb detailed information and impart it to others in an entertaining and enthusiastic manner. She is usually a good leader in non-antagonistic situations but she dislikes disciplining others. Although detailed, she has a low boredom threshold for repetitive tasks, which can lead to error. She needs overt recognition and praise.

COMPATIBILITY: The commonality of people-orientation and activity rate should provide a satisfactory degree of compatibility. However, the differences in risk- consciousness and assertiveness suggest that this relationship may not be without its tension and frustrations. Therefore it is important that Romeo and Julieta concentrate their efforts on understanding each other's needs and personal motivations. "

Imagine to read hundreds and hundreds or written reports, it could be impossible to determine which ones suit better!!!

Why DISC will not work enough for dating?
Using DISC, 4 variables 10 degrees, the Ensemble (the whole set of different possibilities) is 10*10*10*10 == 1 * 10^4 == 10,000 of different possibilities (personality types). Other DISC reports use 4 variables 7 degrees and the Ensemble is 7*7*7*7 == 2,401 different possibilities,
You could also see more info at

Note that other online dating sites use a Big-7 model / dimensions of personality: Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Self-Esteem and Self-Doubt; 10 degrees
per variable, the Ensemble is 10*10*10*10*10*10*10 == 1 * 10^7 == 10,000,000 different possibilities (personality types).
Anyway 1 * 10^7 is a big number, things go bad, because there are lack of precision / low precision / low successful matching rates.

OnLine Dating Sites have Big Databases == more than 100,000 persons involved. A sample of 100,000 persons' profiles will require nearly 5,000,000,000 of comparisons (all between them), quite a lot power calculation!!! == needs a reliable/high-precision fully automated method to measure
Personality and other variables AND a reliable/high-precision fully automated method / matching_algorithm to assign a compatibility index between prospective mates. i.e the "compatibility report" requires a numerical output, could be like this:

Client #01 ---- 16PF5 Profile
Client #02 ---- 16PF5 Profile
Client #03 ---- 16PF5 Profile

#01 to #02 == 74.79865772%
#01 to #03 == 54.09395973%
#02 to #03 == 63.59060403%

More info about other DIFFERENT PERSONALITY TESTS FOR ON LINE DATING could be seen at http://mb.internetdatingconference.com/viewtopic.php?t=209

Fernando Ardenghi.
Buenos Aires.
[email protected]

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