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urope's acceptance of such dating services has been accelerated by the proliferation of social networking, according to Mark Brooks, editor of Online Personals Watch. "The Europe online dating scene is still in the growth phase, which is why I am basing myself out of Prague right now," said Brooks. "American sites have had some trouble moving into other cultures, which has opened opportunities for Meetic as well as single-country players in Europe."

Ashwini Prajapati

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Alex Jute

If the American approach to relationships is lost in translation, then what would they need to do? Or is it more likely, that Eurpean sites are seen as local by Europeans and more likely to have more profiles that match their search requirements? I would certaily think two criteria are - is it recommended to me by a friend; and how many profiles come up when I do a search?

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I have noticed that European cultures are much more attune to online dating than Americas. To the tune that most online dating sites have basically merged with social networking sites. America is totally different we have completely different sites for dating and different sites for our friends.

Seducing Tips

This would really be an exciting adventure. Nice way to visit Europe! ;-)

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I stumbled upon an article saying that online dating is the best business this time of economic recession. Love really has no limit including the pocket ei.

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