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Priit Vaikmaa

pretty interesting industry:

"Craigslist is sitting on a potential gold mine of revenue, if only it would abandon its communist manifesto," says Eric Baker, co-founder of, an online ticket-sales site. Baker analyzed Craigslist's Internet traffic and transaction volume and conservatively estimates it could have had revenues of $550 million this year



Classified advertising is a $100 billion-plus industry worldwide. And it's changing fast. As classifieds evolve, a select few companies will make a lot of money. A few more will make a little money. And, in the end, a lot of companies won't be able to compete.


Mark Brooks

But, the trick to word of mouth is, not to reem users, to truly be there to help the masses. Craig does customer service for goodness sakes. The entire site's success rides on a wave of goodwill.

A million people have pitched Craig on making more money with Craigslist...but he has abstained. He's just eking out $12 million+ a year from job wanted postings. Profitable, sleekly simple, wonderfully high integrity...and users rave about Craigslist. We can all learn something from this web 1.0 company for web 2.0.

Word of mouth rules. Advertising costs will ramp beyond the means of most startup communities in the future. Check out for word of mouth marketing inspiration/education.

Mark Brooks

nicholas  garcia

I have been on and it has to be one of the worst sites I have encountered ! The woman all seem down to earth until you write one and she see's you dont make 100.000$ a year all of the sudden you might get a rejection letter,If your lucky stating "we are not a good match"Even if you match all 20-22 times which is the maximum comparison available.These broads wouldn't know a good man if one bit them in the ass! O.K. I feel Better,Let those chicks keep looking for mr. goodbar,let me tell you he does not exist and if he did hae would not be on!!

Yasmin Mian

I've been using internet dating for a while, and up until recently been on the major subscription sites ( However, I've recently stumbled upon Craigslist and despite a few odd messages, I've met a few rather interesting people off there.

Only negative aspect is that I keep getting flagged as 'spam'!, men seem to dislike me for some reason.


Its not communism if he decides he does not want to charge. That's the nice thing about capitalism, CHOICE! If we forced either choice, now THAT would be communism! ( I choose the word AUTHORITARIAN...its a much more useful term since all government types converge to it )

Jaya Kumar Patchala

Craigslist has definitely shown the way for sevarl classified ads websites. However many of them arent a big success. Whether they charge or not. We need to appreciate the fact that it just didnt survive, but its in a leading classsifieds site. Many people love its text style interface and ads display. Something that comforts many people and ofcourse a lot of utility.

Jay Reiss, M.S.W.

I use Craigslist everyday - for both myself and my clients. I've been involved with Online Dating for nearly 20 years and have witnessed the explosion of dating sites on the Internet. Craigslist out-performs most of the paid dating sites I've used - including some of big name brand sites too. I've had more meetings resulting in more relationships from Craigslist than from nearly anywhere else. One of the reasons for this is the disarming simplicity and easy access to posting there. And one of the greatest benefits is the virtually unlimited space you've got to work with. With a creatively written 500-word Personal Ad, a well-conceived headline and a photo, it's easy to dominate the dating category of your choice. Even in a small town, my hit rate is higher than it's been on large national dating sites.

Unfortunately, like many things with easy access, spambots and scammers post Personal Ads too. But they're easy to spot and very easy to filter, once you understand how they write and post their messages.

Typically, women get much more replies than do men, but men tend to get a better quality response which more than makes up for the difference in my book.

Best regards,

Jay Reiss, M.S.W.


Not all classifield sites want money, here is an example: People can look for jobs all over the world and apply. I think that it should be for free.
I have used craiglist only 2 times. I was pleased :)

free online dating

I agree with mark, the success of any company is word of mouth. I think many make the mistake of thinking that selling yourself means to boost about your accomplishments and what you have done and can do. what it should be about is other people, not yourself, if you help others and offer good customer service with your customers, you should care about your members, you should be selling yourself by showing what you are doing for other people and how you can help them, whether that be with dealing with abuse from other members, or backing a charity event one of your members is holding. Word of mouth is no good just by itself, it has to be positive word of mouth

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