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Fernando Ardenghi

Press Release says
".... emphasis on personality and lifestyle helps Perfectmatch and its members find compatible individuals based upon the characteristics most important to sustaining a relationship. ..."
".... To build a real relationship, you need to match people on a variety of critical criteria, not just a snapshot. ....."
".... offers a qualified, focused approach for adults 27-60+ looking for a community of quality members seeking relationships. ....."

The next generation of prospective subscribers will demand technical information:

Will be interesting if PerfectMatch's team could specify:

1) the ENSEMBLE (the whole set of different valid possibilities)

2) how exactly the compatibility matching method works (without revealing proprietary information). Is the main matching equation only a simple/multiple linear regression equation?

3) Which is the average number of "compatible real persons" for one person over the entire database? E.g.: 3 persons in a 100,000 persons database or 12 in 1,000,000. (or the 3 most compatible in 100,000 or the 12 most compatible in 1,000,000).

4) The whole precision E.g.: "Client#01, please contact Client#04, the probability of being compatible is as high as 92.55033557%, whole precision is 0.00000001%"
TIP: Dating Sites have very big databases (like 20,000,000 of different profiles!!!), so a whole precision as high as 0.00000001% is desired to avoid a big problem at many actual "Compatibility Matching" dating sites: searching by your own could be more precise than the matching algorithm.

5) if there are Scientific Papers (not books written by an expert) that substantiate the long_term mating success (Which is the weight assigned to personality traits over the whole profile?)

Kindest Regards,
Fernando Ardenghi.
Buenos Aires.
[email protected]

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