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I don't think that those 33000 members were met at eHarmony. They simply were eHarmony members and were married this year, but it doesn't mean that they have met their soul mate at this service.

Mark Brooks

It would be tremendous for the industry if we would take more note of the success stories.

We might not be able to track the ROI on putting forth these success stories...but they are crucial for word-of-mouth marketing.

Let's put more faces on all the success stories out there. Serious, sizable dating sites should each hire a full time person dedicated to tracking and telling the stories of all their success stories. Nothing, but nothing is more compelling to entice new users.

Mark Brooks

Jeff Siddiqui

Thanks for your positive thoughts, Mark. I work at eH, we have an entire team working full-time on success stories.

Nannette Thacker

At we have displayed our member's success stories on the home page in rotation for several years, with complete articles from the happy couples.

Of course we have thousands of members who report they have married each year, but choose not to send us their stories. When a member asks to have their account removed, they inform us of their wedding or engagement. Many promise they will send it after the wedding, but get so wrapped up in life, that they don't get around to it. Some simply don't wish to have their life publicly published. We respect their decision and wish them the best and pray for their new union, but only publish stories of those who specifically wish to have their story online.

But we do have hundreds who have submitted wedding photos and full stories of how they met and how God brought them together using our site.

We only print stories of those who have met one another on our site.

It is a lot of working getting the stories together and publishing them. Approximately once a month we compile them and post them online from stories and photos sent to us. Many couples are so excited to share their photos and stories with our members, so we love reading them and sharing. The site is a lot of work. We don't have a huge advertising budget and are not on the stock exchange. But we are a family, and a conservative Christian dating site with real people helping others find a mate. When members contact us, they know they get a hold of the programmer and developer and owner personally.

We feature these success stories in our newsletters as well (an example is found at the bottom of the following pages):

Oh, looking at the above links, you'll also notice we take a very active role in stopping and reporting scammmers -- romance or money scams. We display their photos, significant comments from their profiles and online mails, and teach members how to spot scammers. We even send each person who was contacted by a scammer an offline email warning them, in case they don't see it on the site. We feel this education is very important and are told often how other sites do nothing about the scammers. Scam checking is built into our source code to spot potential scammers and remove their accounts immediately until a real person (that's me) can investigate personally.

That too is a lot of work, but I feel it is very important to protect our members.

God bless,
Nannette Thacker

Pamela Austin

i just wanted you to know that e harmony ruined my marriage. my ex, the computer geek must have been bored from playing computer poker and went on your cite, providing you a profile based on his lies.

just much information that is given on your profiles is ever checked out? how many law suits have been filed by other spouses who suddenly find themselves on the outside looking in?


I really enjoyed checking out your site - keep up the good work.


Great minds think alike - keep it up.


I would like to comment on this. I am half of a couple that met from EHarmony. My husband and I met through EHarmony. We have actually received their Success Story of the year award for this year. The point is, yes EHarmony works. I tried several dating sites before I signed up with EHarmony. The process was easier with the other sites, but I also received matches that were not matches for me. Physically I liked them, but our personalities did not match. That is what is so great with EHarmony. All the matches I met from EHarmony were nice and our personalities were a great match. Thier personality profile is the key. They match you based on your personality. You also have the choice to go right to talking or you can go through their process of talking before talking over email. Any time someone is talking about how difficult dating is for them, I tell them my story and encourage them to sign up with EHarmony. It was perfect for me!


E-Harmony probably works best for people who share its right-wing "christian" worldview. I tried it. Worst $50 I ever spent.


This is the 3rd time that I have joined EHarmony and whaat ends up is your comment "Unable to find matches". Well, out of all the people (men) that are members, it is hard for me to believe that you cannot send me any matches. I believe, this is a ploy that you at first send matches and then come up with that comment. You have my money and that is all you want. What alternative do I have, can I cancel and get a refund???

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