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Sam T

I have a question about ads on True touts themselves as the safer site yet the ads True's ads on a site for young people is sleazy, well all their ads are sleazy. So which site is the hypocrite?

After all the stories on Dateline you would think Myspace would stop these over sex ads.

I would like to know if True and Myspace is going to be at the convention?

If not why? True is the one that is for background checks.

Vest is suing Yahoo and AOL trying to get customer information. Yet once again he is hiding. All these lawsuits is this why Vest isn't in the media. Why won't he answer questions?

So vocal about disclosures and background checks on everyone else.

anyone else see the new update on about Vest new theory of the death of his father? The CIA did it! Before that he thought his mother did it, before that it was the police. There is something very wrong with this guy.

He is suing the detective that first uncovered the murder. Now seams to think that the detective possible wrote the "M. Smith" letter to defraud him.

It looks like anyone that comes in contact with me gets accused of outrageous things and it ends up in a legal fight.

Dr. Houran suffered a hugh financial and professional loss and is still having issues with Vest to this day.

Vest's ex fiancee discovery the truth about Vest 24hr surveillance and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent having her followed, stealing her trash, gaining access to her personal financial and phone records. Threthes to her various people she had contact with and investigating them. Some people were offered money to prove information. Nothing came of all of these, yet Vest didn't believe it. "It didn't make sense" When anyone was kind to her he believed she was sleeping with them and not only them he believe she was a lesbian and even questioned her relationship with her brother a Sgt. with the police and her nephew. He was jealous of her relationship with her dogs I am surprised he didn't accuse her of having sex with them.

Vest got this case sealed just by claiming it will damage his business and personal life. Documents in the case show Vest admitted to various extreme and outrageous behavior and that he has lied about them as well.

In light of the new story that the CIA did it, it is funny that Vest told the ex that the FBI may be behind her concern, fear, and discovery of someone access her banking, credit cards, phones information.

I have to question anyone with the history Vest has and his claims to want to protect others. Don't do as I do, Do as I say attitude.

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

Damian renteria

I think its good to have a myspac 14 .. caus' thats were the teen age starts ... i have a myspace and i am 17

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