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Julia Dorofeeva

Speed dating is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Events section at the Dating Site can help you gather your community at one place for meeting and have a great party.

People get more chances to see each other and then continue communication online at your dating site. making up events can be a fuss and tiring but it's worth the effort only because you make people speak about your Dating Site and get more traffic in the end.

Chelsea fc

I'm not sure about those online dating services. It seems as though they serve generally for pervs and for internet freaks. Well, I am an internet freak but I perfer to meet people in person where thay can't lie about their apperances. I guess those sites have served as a positive medium for a few lucky couples.

Ramon Thomas

I used to recommend people take their time with online dating, sending emails and talking on the phone for minimum two weeks before meeting. That way they can still make a friend if nothing else.

Well I revised this after reading a very insightful newsletter by a dating coach, Stephane Hemon, in Canada and my own experience. Its better to meet sooner, to find out if that chemistry exists. That way you can "fail quickly" and go back to find more people to meet.

And in fact the most effecient way would be to set-up multiple dates in one evening so you can quickly asses the person face to face and take it from there.

Ramon Thomas, South Africa's #1 Dating Coach

Mark Brooks

Check out for the best dating event format I've come across yet. 6 minute speed dating, 12 introductions, one evening.

I also like wine tastings and lock and key parties. was's valiant effort at singles events. They were managing too many hosts and too many events formats. Best to keep it simple and systematize as much as possible. was started by an aeronautical engineer who thought the event format through to the n'th degree. Cupid bought Predating in 2004 (under my guidance as VP) and stitched it in to It's been tough, but was a good buy for them. They now have a true differentiator in the market place, and something that people talk about.

Mark Brooks

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