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David L. Rogers

Mr. Mark Brooks: I was a member of yahoo personals for 30 days. I did not subscribe to yahoo wallet. Yahoo personals extracted payment for another month without my permission. It seems I cannot cancel. This is fraud by yahoo personals. Please see to it personally that my money is returned if my checking account was debited. I will await your reply. David L. Rogers

C. Thompson

I have had the same problem with Yahoo personals. They send an email saying you are about to be charged again, with false directions about how to cancel the account and prevent the automatic debit. When one follows the directions, one is led into an endless loop that never leads to the supposed "Cancel" button. It says the button can be found under "Manage Services", but all that does is bring up prior account information. I tried for several hours and so did my ex-husband, who is a former sys admin of a large company, and no go. They need to be publically reamed for scamming.

CTG Warwick RI

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