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Nannette Thacker

>>"What childhood memory still makes you laugh, even today?" "Describe your circle of friends around the time of your thirtieth birthday."

Oh my goodness! Questions like that would drive me nuts! Who cares who my friends were on my thirtieth birthday! And I wouldn't have a clue of a childhood memory that still makes me laugh today!

My memories are sitting on my daddy's lap and cuddling or helping him clean the poop out of the dog kennel or feeding the pigeons and having him explain why the one bird was on the back of the other bird beating it up!

Or how my mom sat next to my bed rubbing my legs when I had growing pains, so I could fall asleep. Or how she sat next to my bed watching over me when I had an asthma attack, comforting me so that I could breathe clearly again.

God bless,
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