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Andrew Johnson

It is curious that Google signed the $900 million deal with Myspace. Google is definately tracking conversions both through their free Analytics program and Adwords. It is possible that they expect to sell more CPM or even video (?) ads through the contextual part.

FIM has revealed that they want to build mini-portals around Myspace. Right now the site is largely friends interacting; mini-portals may work better at sorting browsers from buyers.

Google's biggest threat right now is the commoditization of contextual advertising. If Yahoo can do a better job on the contextual targeting element, Google is in trouble.

Jonathan Crutchley

Our website ( is seeking new members who are gay, male, and over 18. MySpace is able to post our banner on their site which will appear only to their users who are male, over 18, and who identify themselves as gay. The response to our MySpace ad has been wonderful. Bebo does not accept our ads as they haven't figured out how to screen the viewers who are under 18 (we are an adult site) and who are gay males. Their loss.

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