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Sam Moorcroft,

I like Dave Evan's comment on :

" has reached the 10 million member mark. In other news, pigs are flying and the troops are coming home."

Fernando Ardenghi

Who is the actual Chief Psychologist Officer at True?

Are there any new papers on dyadic success (satisfaction - stability) of the couples they had previously matched (e.g. since a year ago) ?

What happened with Sexploration? Did they discover something new & interesting that could be reported to the Kinsey Institute?

Kindest Regards,

Fernando Ardenghi.
Buenos Aires.
[email protected]

Andy Arnott

You can have all the members in the world, but if you have to coax your users into joining with over sexed, unrealistic ads on myspace then they are not joining for the quality of the site. How many of those 10 million are paid memberships?

Any site can add background checks, what makes true better or more unique than any other paid site? I've used both, true, and some others. Match is the best paid site by far, but still falls short in many ways. A free site with great features and real people is what the world needs. Oh wait there are a few good ones.


The Geezer

True is the most slimy of the dating sites.

As soon as I canceled, I got an invitation for a month free. Not much incoming action.

So, you talk to Mr. High-Pressure and cancel.

Now comes the fun. All sorts of winks, never with a meaty profile, only a couple of lines, never a picture. Always from chickies 30 years younger than you.

Daily emails about this and that wink, the 47 emails in my box, and the like.

I mean, would a hot 29 YO in NYC write a studmuffin 58 YO in the peoples Republic of Seattle?


These guys are 100% bluff and bluster, and I wouldn't trust them farther than I can throw my 21" CRT monitor, which I can barely lift.


The Geezer

Nannette Thacker

>>All sorts of winks, never with a meaty profile, only a couple of lines, never a picture. Always from chickies 30 years younger than you.

I agree with "The Geezer." Reality in dating is important. On our site, at, we have a spam tracking system to detect when a new member is spamming our members. We send ourselves a copy of the 15th email and block them on the 50th mail. (We warn members up front that we do this for safety measures.) If the mail looks like spam, we check out their entire set of mails. If they're mailing the same spam to multiple members, "Oh baby! I saw your profile and I love you! After looking at thousands of profiles, you are the one for me!" Good grief! They send this 3 seconds apart to numerous members and are blatant liars and scammers! They must go! PURGE! And we send a warning to our members who were contacted by them. And their info gets posted in our scammers forum.

And when a twenty-something is sending these spam mails to men 40 and 50+ (same with young men sending to women as well), you know they're up to no good.

Model photo? Our photo approval team is taught to recognize model photos, review the entire application for inconsistencies (Hi! I'm from Texas, New York and live in United States America all my life. I 3 feet tall and 19 pounds. I have dog and love it. My dad died and I have only left me and my mum. blah blah) and check the IP address (I from California, Kansas - and the IP shows Cote d'Ivorie, Ghana, etc.).

Yes, it's a lot of work, and a lot of expense keeping the IP database up to date, etc., but I believe it is a dating site's responsibility to protect their members from sweetheart and other scammers. Simply doing a background check is offering a false sense of security. These scammers aren't going to have background check issues. They know how to circumvent that system!

As well, on our site, during a member's free trial, you may read all mails sent to you and all mails you sent can be read by everyone you send to. We don't say "You can join FREE! Our Service is FREE!" and then turn around and say you have to pay if you want to read the mail! Even our free basic members may read all mails sent to them by our free trial and paid members.

We keep a conservative database of sincere Christian members. It's a lot of work TRUELY getting rid of the scammers and spammers and protecting our members, but we feel it is our obligation to do so. Scammer training, scammer warnings and a quick link to report a scammer, immediate scam notices sent to my pager, etc., are all precautions we take to protect our members.

God bless,

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