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Bill Broadbent

I think anyone who has used craigslist would say that the site would be better with more users. Sure there is the savvy community that knows the site, but many people still don't. If they invested every dollar they made from adsense into getting the word out and growing market share, the site will ultimately become much better and capable of defending the large media companies (like a google) building copycat concepts.


I think this is going back to the roots and excitement of the internet, when we first got involved many many years ago, the web was about enabling and improving. Recently it has been taken back over by a business mentality. There is very little for a dating, social networking site to charge a large amount if anything for its service, this is clear from the recent sites like offering salsa partners for free compared to its competitors who are charging $30/month. As web 2.0 continues and new projects continue there will be a complete step change, and as MIFID comes into play in Europe over the next 2 years the payment industry will also catch up. The different space is the adult dating space where the nature of legality and blacklisting makes this a more confusing matter due to the need for separation legally and infrastructurally to prevents cross contamination

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