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Mark Brooks

On the one hand, online dating services do a fantastic job of helping people get the tough questions out of the way sooner and providing singles huge pools of people to wade through to find their ideal matches. And the tools for finding them are getting more and more advanced and capable.

On the other hand, with such a big pool of singles at their beck and call, singles have never had more choice, so why choose? Is internet dating making people non-committal?

I think this article focuses on guys too much. Whatever points this article makes, I think the same is true for women. (Granted, to a slightly lesser extent.)

Mark Brooks
Editor, Online Personals Watch

Kathryn Lord

Here's an excerpt from my blog posting for today (

"... in a bow to just how famous has become, The Washington Post published a piece on 1/28/2007 that is basically an angry rant about the plight of single women by an anonymous woman in her 30’s. It’s sort of amazing that the Post would even publish an anonymous piece, let alone one that blames and other dating sites for her ills.

However, like most rants, there are grains of truth. Granted, men (and women) have gotten spoiled by the seeming plethora of “hotties” of both genders. Never mind that these folks practically never return emails. Anonymous goes on to list her demands for dignity and respect, for all single women to to start “dignified dating behavior.” Some of the list makes sense, like honesty, keeping in shape and not dressing provocatively. But just as her anger reduces the effect of her message, some of her guidelines negate the rest. Like “If you don’t receive flowers by the third date, dump him.” Gosh.

Remember, the Internet and dating sites like are the medium, like a telephone. Phones changed people’s lives, too. We are in the middle of a big change period for dating and mating. It feels like with Internet dating going mainstream (out of the shadows), we are now in a bit of the opposite extreme, of people going sort of wild with expectations, and then having massive disappointment.


Yeah come on - online dating is just a tool. Do guns kill people (or people)? Hell, if there really is such an effect, perhaps one could argue this will force us all to be *better* mates instead of taking the other for granted and treating them like dirt, as I so far too often in committed relationships.


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I believe 'too many options' can be lengthen the time it takes to find a long term relationship. I don't see that as bad. I see it as positive. Why decide on an long term relationship partner out of scarcity? I like choosing one out of abundance much more.

A traditional conservative society may not like that frame so much. Many people are starting to wait much longer for their first marriage. But that's a whole new thread.


Internet dating works like a mirror before you where your long term relationship with others reflects about itself.

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