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David Evans

When will people realize that ad revenue != taking business away from paid dating sites. Prove that PoF is more effective than Match or eHarmony, now that's worth talking about.


I believe the only way the paid sites are going to retain memberships is to offer far more than sites like PoF offer... Personalized service, if only the idea of it, is somehow translated at places like, I'd give it another go. Personally, I don't see the value at $29.99 a month USD for a site that offers less selection than PoF does for free.


Quite simply... people who are more serious will continue on at sites like or e-harmony. POF seems to be full of younger kids just playing around. When you pay, you getting people serious about meeting.


I don't really understand this move by Jobster. From what I understand, job postings are paid by the company looking for employees. Job seekers already have many free choices (craigslist, etc). Companies can afford to pay for a job listing. I don't think companies are going to move to jobster because its free. They are going to use whatever gets them the best applicants.

I don't see how going Jobster going free accomplishes this.

Dating is completely different, its the "viewers" that were paying.

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