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Kathryn Lord

I loved seeing that the NYT wrote about my profession, coaching for singles. But I hated that the author did not contact me, now really! I am not hard to find -- I am all over the web. Anybody have an email address for the author JENNIFER ALSEVER? I scoured Google, but she is going incognito as far as an email address is concerned.

Yikes about those prices quoted for coaching costs, though! Evan, are they accurate??? $1000 a month would buy almost 14 coaching sessions with me. I do profile reviews and write ups for $99 -- and I do them, not a free lance writer. I'd hate to have potential clients think that $1000 a month is what all coaches charge. $2000 would get a single about a year's work with me.

Just in case anyone is looking for me, my email address is [email protected], and my website Or you can Google "Romance Coach" -- I am all over the first page.


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