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Maybe we could make a fortune by selling bumper stickers that read:

"My Relationship Psychologist Can Beat Up Your Relationship Psychologist!"

I find it ironic and a wee bit sad that the very people who should understand and foster good relationships more than other industries seem to have the worst track record for actually maintaining good relationships themselves (for its employees, its customers and its competitors).


James Houran, Ph.D.
Online Dating Magazine

Kathryn Lord

Poetic justice, I say. See my 5/18/2007 blog posting copied below: Uses an eHarmony Weakness and eHarmony Gets Pissed...

Ha Ha! I love it when other folks start writing about what I have been writing about for some time—though when am I going to get the credit? See my blog postings (“Has Janet Kornblum of USA Today Been Reading My Blog?", “Focus on the Family,” eHarmony, and Same Sex Couples", “EHarmony Again and “Focus on the Family” Connections", “I wish I could recommend eHarmony, or PerfectMatch, but I can’t!".

(See the article from the Washington Post.)

I think it is FANTASTIC that has noticed the edge it has over eHarmony (Chemistry accepts all comers, eHarmony routinely rejects about 15% of applicants) and is using it in an ad campaign. I’ve always thought and written that bad as it is to get rejected by a potential partner, to get rejected by a dating site? Oooeee! Now THAT’S nasty.

From Your Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord

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