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Affiliate Dating Sites

I am interested in your comment "The equivalent of category leaders Vintacom and WhiteLabelDating, but for Asia."

Vintacom (RlationshipExchange) for instance has only 150 partners according to their site.

WhiteLabelDating seem to create sites with a few changeable elements such as font colors etc, then require some sort of URL forwading/masking. There are other companies and sites that have been doing this for years.

Should industry leaders be defined by most feature rich sites and most widely used?

Ross Williams

It's very important that people recognise there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for white label dating.

The same solution that allows people to set up a fully co-branded dating site in a couple of minutes serves a different need to a solution which allows extensive customisation.

Your comments about modifying a header, footer and colours is interesting. This is perfect for those that want to start a dating site and test the idea before investing too much to start with. is geared around this quick-start solution.

When sites generate revenue for the partner and the white label provider it makes sense to invest further in the co-branding options with different template layouts and integration options.

There is a trade-off between quick start with no investment required and the perfectly co-branded solution - the best white label providers offer both like

Also, it's worth pointing out that the costs regarding databases etc are not entirely accurate - Oracle is, indeed, an expensive database but to suggest that Oracle is the database required for niche dating sites is rather fatuous and partners should be wary of such claims.

Affiliate Dating Sites

Certainly the best feature which should be included in any white label solution is the ability of setting up a niche targeted site.

In terms of deciding which program pays the best you need to look at per member payouts which is more complicated than just looking at the %'s. To do this you need to know conversion rates, retention rates, new and recurring commissions - all of which fluctuate between affiliate program and the actual dating sites.

Of the sites we have tested has the highest. Theirs is the only system to have true niche targeting functionality that we have seen - probably why the payouts are higher!

To see comparison chart visit

Ross Williams

That's very interesting - it's a shame isn't included in that comparison as we know it converts better than anyone else.

It would be good to show you how some partners are doing - there's a lot of other options with WhiteLabelDating that we offer partners who generate good revenue so it's not something you'd see unless you're a large partner.

Drop us an email marked for my attention and I'll make sure you're given the full treatment.

Paul Palmer

All this information is useful but the hardest task a new partner faces is that of getting his site noticed and used. The program I am affiliated with offers a number of standard while label templates such as Asian sex or a lesbian alternative both fucussing on the adult market, there are also dating solutions without the emphasis on sex but rather dating solutions including how to find love online with around 7 million members when you join you have a huge database to interest your members ranging from gay boys to adult dance partners you could join yourself and enjoy the experience or make some money without making an investment other than your time. Try it out, its free and there is plenty of help available too

Free Sitesnow

You could always join and I will help you set up your own site, you can make 50% for every member that signs up and if you get a good membership going this rises to as much as 75% per member not only that if they stay for a second month you get recurring payments to. A steady income of around £300 per month is achievable within a year with help and support this goes up as your membership increases and as you learn you can start new sites and build them too. The sky is the limit. How much would you like to earn, do you fancy living like a king?

Moonlight Dungeon

We have been active in the online industry for over 10 years in many venues. We have attempted a few times to start our own dating service programs. Actually even paid one company 600 for a program, another 89 to have it installed, then learned they where backdooring and moving our clinets to another site.
We had actually decided to give up this venue and started to look into other avenues when we ran into World Partners by accident.

After watching the entire video presentation we thought what the heck, give it a go..

less then 24 hours we had our site up on our domain name. Customized a front page and added some internal page feeds. And bodda bang, bodda boom, instant success.

I wished we had found this sooner, like several thousands of dollars and countless hours ago...

Thank you WDP!! They can keep the bonefish and whitelabel waste of time...

Anyone wanting a website FREE, just go to my website page and hit the affilate link..

from religous dating to the xxxtreme WDP is the solution..

Rev Moon


I'd like to add a few comments on WDP.
I joined WDP in april of this year, Having tried various other partner programs, WDP have been a refreshing change to the way most partner programs work in many different ways.
With other programs, I've found the partner support to be very typical in the way of being treated like a number rather than a human being and incentives that only benefit the most successful of people.
WDP have a different approach with friendly encouragement and realistic reachable incentives that everyone has a chance of reaching and most importantly, listen to their partners on improvements to their system.
The site designs are high quality and attract a high percentage of memberships compared to any others i've promoted in the past.
To finish off, it would be difficult to find another program that is passionate about the service they provide rather than how high their profits are.

free online dating

how are these instant member data bases formed, are they genuine members that are actually participating on the new dating site or are they just profiles copied from an existing website, that would be my only concern


Thanks for the constructive feedback :) regarding the Overworld limitations and linearity, I only felt it limited in the sense that you aren't truely able to 'explore' fully in the way that could in other Zelda games - remember the underground caverns you could once find? - and quite frankly I miss that and it is basically linear in the sense that your destination is already chosen, yes you are still exploring and in a wonderful new way but this Overworld 'Transport' also highlights the limitations of what Nintendo can do with a 3D Zelda game on the DS but what they 'have' achieved is still impressive and I do acknowledge that fully.

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