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The solution to keep out scammers and spammers is a good step in the right direction however it does not go far enough when you consider a scenario where the person in question can easily use internet cafes and different account details to continue to commit frauds and spam.

A more rigorous solution is needed to tackle the scamming and spamming issues.


I find it exciting to see this sort of thing being implemented to address behavioural problems. The behaviour of members of a site can make or break the reputation of any new dating site so technology to help analyse and filter known trouble makers by their hardware would be great.


Hi April,

iovation's ReputationManager does provide you with facilities to manage internet cafe PCs; allow them, block them, keep a watchful eye on them.

Three questions I always ask are 1) What percentage of your current site traffic is coming from cafe PCs? 2) What percentage of your fraud is occurring on these cafe PCs? 3) Should you continue to allow site access from a cafe PC that has committed fraud on your or another's internet site? (For that matter, should you allow any cafe PCs to access your site? What are you loosing vs. what are you gaining?)

The answer to these questions tends to vary from merchant to merchant as does the effective set of fraud procedures to deal with this issue.

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It's important to trace the source of traffic so you can determine if your site has a variety of visitors.

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