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Saïd Amin

Muslim sites being featured in the Jerusalem Post - rather Brilliant.

Life is good.

Sam Moorcroft,

Yeah, you would never see it the other way around, now would you? That says something positive about Israel, but negative about Muslim countries....

Saïd Amin

Hi Sam,

I try to stay away from the use of "always" and "never"; such verbiage is a trap that closes the door on our ability to re-imagine the present and infinite power of possibilities.

That said, I look forward to seeing you again soon, to discuss this and more =)


Sam Moorcroft,

Said, if Israel had more people like you as neighbours, there would have been peace in the ME a long time ago!:-)

But, this isn't the forum for politics - just couldn't resist taking a poke at ya;-)

You're a good man - pity we don't live closer.

dating site

You can sense the struggle between 21st century way of thinking and out dated custom values.

For the sake of Muslims I hope the former triumph over the latter.

Ramon Thomas

In a detailed article about modern marriage very few black or muslim women (mostly Indian) in South Africa (both groups have strong beliefs on polygamy) agreed with it. For black Africans there is a cultural traditional for muslims it's religious.

sameer is one of the largest matrimonial website and it's powering Yahoo matrimonial channel in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Şarkı Sözleri

Thanks for the post..

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