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Check out this new online community site. It has alot of features like customizable profiles, videos, online radio & instant messenger. Here's the link:

dating site

And almost all ads will be served by Google which would morph the search giant in to an online Ad serving outlet and would certainly force it to start loosing it's grip on the search frontier.

So by 2011 the now beloved Google would become a company so huge and powerful, it'd start falling like Microsoft.

And their motto will change from 'don't be evil' to 'don't be the 1999 Google'.


Social networks are curious phenomena. They have sprung up over night to become the next big thing. What’s interesting about the market is the fact that my space and face book have such a concentration of power. Internet companies are not the Auto Industry, which required complex long-term contracts from 1000s of contractors. Or infrastructure constraints like the old phone companies. I.e. low barriers to entry. Online companies can be run in from your basement, like plentyoffish. It will be interesting to see how this market share will start to divide up.

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