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I disagree. 4ppl doesn't actually show the member location closer than by city level. There's no way to tell where exactly this person is living. Distance searches can be used to do some reverse-estimating and define a location a little more precisely, but exactly same thing can be done on, say Plentyoffish, Match.com, etc.

Anyway, we are testing this system and it may change. What's not going to change is that the site will stay free and ad-free.


This site is the most absolutely scam ridden and bogus dating site on the net...pervaded w/ fake profiles and associated pics...beware to be directed to camgirl and porn sites, scammmed for money or even have your profile pic stolen.The pics and women there seem to be recycled on a continuous basis.They are for the most part offshore and looking to scam you...sometimes the women are not even women but men in Africa and other countries looking to take advantage of the online dating situation...and that's just the way that this site is set-up....
And the Admin of this site puts up a front of trying to clean the place up...but after spending some time there (over a year off and on) I have had him even threaten to alter my profile...he IS the problem with this site...BEWARE!!!!


i have been on there for 8 mo and have had 3 profiles deleted on me because i told them they were scammers and all of the women i think were men using womens pics and recorded cams

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