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The Geezer

So, as soon as this is successful, I will file one against

GeezusHKeericed. If these folks don't wanna take yer money, go somewhere else.

Besides, why would you want to give your money to this bible-thumper?

Oh, yeah, I will wait until you tell us the suit is "not about the money". I am sure that statement is right around the corner.

yeah, right.

don't bullsheyt the bullsheyter.


It is not only gays they target it is also how many times a person has been married. I answered their questions truthfully regarding how many times I had been married. I was denied stating that they could not find a suitable match for me. And this happened in about 20% of the population. I then went back to their site with a different email address and filled out the same form. Except I entered one for the times I had been married and they welcomed me to the site!!

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