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Affiliate Dating Sites

Always interesting to read interviews by White Label and affiliate dating sites, however there is 1 BIG question here:
"Last month, our top earning partner earned 175,000 pounds" - ??!!

The sums:
- All Affiliates earn 50%
- This affiliate generate 350,000 pounds monthly.
- White Label Dating has 260,000 members
- Assumption: This is a LARGE affiliate and has generated HALF those members - 130,000 (This is highly unlikely!)
- Assumption: Average monthly membership £10
- White Label dating brings in 500 daily profiles; therefore this affiliate has 250 daily new members. (50%)
- To have 130,000 members they must have been running for 520 days (approx 1 and a half years)
- To generate 350,000 pounds they must have 35,000 paying members.
- so to have 35,000 paying members they must have a conversion rate of 27% and a retention rate of over 1 and a half years - i.e all their paying members have remained paying members....

An alternative is they have a retention rate closer to 6 months and a conversion rate of over 80%!!!

This obviously does not stack up, based on these White Label dating does not generate close to 350,000 pounds a month either.

Even with an average membership of £15 and conversion rate of 20% they would need to have a retention rate of 8 months to make this sort of money. This would also suggest that the free membership rate has not grown in the last 8 months...

There is no system we have heard of which has this sort of average pricing level AND conversion rates AND retentions rates.

Perhaps this figure was misquoted – but to what is the most important question here it does need to be scrutinized.

Ross Williams

Hi there,

Thanks for the comment - yup this figure is correct but is our largest partner by a significant margin and one of the main players in the UK. They also charge a lot more than your assumption - closer to £20/month.

I see from your site that you're pushing some of the other competing white label providers that don't have as good conversion or retention as our network offers.

If you're genuinely interested in this, you'll appreciate that we don't disclose everything publicly but I would encourage you to speak with us directly (contact us via and we can talk you through the figures and demonstrate the conversions that we enjoy (we use Google Adwords as an impartial third-party to confirm the conversion and retention rates).

Alternatively, come and meet us at iDate, AdTech or any of the other industry events that we're now attending on a regular basis after becoming public property at Internet World this year :o)

Best wishes,

Ross Williams

Cliff Hanson

Hi, it seems interesting that you are unwilling to share with us who this big partner is but i guess that is your prerogative.

I have had the pleasure of looking at your site, while you say that you can create a co-branded sites in a minuet or two, I believe that you have got your terminology wrong. Firstly, what you are talking about is a template site. Secondly, co-branded sites are not just dating sites like all of your sites, as you seem to suggest, but are determined by being able to filter criteria in your database for the benefit of your members. With your system this is not possible and certainly not in a minuet or two. Although I understand your reasoning to leave this out of your program as you do not have enough members to make this a viable option for yourselves or your members.

As a final note to your last post you say your top partner is earning 175,000!!! a year. I suggest that anyone who is willing to believe that should consider going to Companies House and getting their financial records themselves. I think your find WhiteLabelDating as a whole do not earn close to that amount.

Perhaps WhiteLabelDating could explain their reasoning for this exaggeration?

Ross Williams

Hi Cliff,

Where did you get the idea that we can't filter the database?

We offer a co-branded site in two ways:

1. Complete Template Flexibility - a successful partner can have their own template set, giving total flexibility to layout. Completely bespoke.

2. Unique networks for each site - we can filter the database to give a unique network for those partners with enough members to warrant this.

We don't offer 1. to everyone who signs up as quite simply it does take a few hours of our time which we won't do until partners have proven they can earn revenue.

Our general template that new partners get is also proven to work well and before they start changing the layout, etc, it's best for them to know what works.

And regarding your comment about income - as you may know, companies do not need to update their accounts at Companies House each month :o) Our financial year ends in August and we'll be getting our latest accounts to companies house before the end of the year.

Cliff, it does appear from your post that you're keen to make a point but it's not fair for you to do that unless you have all the information.

I've given an interview to OPW due to my success and that of my company - if you'd like to know more I'd be very happy to meet you at Adtech, iDate or any of the other events we'll be at.

Alternatively if you'd like to join us a partner (it appears that you have not, despite your comments) we can help you enjoy some of the success that our other partners do.

Many thanks,


That is not true Ross! You don't offer any template period! You might have an affiliate deal yourself with designing companies or employ designers yourself since there is no way an affiliate who joined WLD can in any way have access to pre-made templates, but rather find that a custom header and footer (which is itself the whole design of the site) is required to get approved! I understand why and truly respect that (you're perhaps trying to keep the quality of sites under the label at the highest level possible), but deceiving people who're working on seeing that dream of theirs come alive is just wrong! The front page of WLD shall clearly state that a little knowledge is required which WILL benefit WLD in a big way getting rid of all that unexperienced newbies.

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