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Mark Harrison

There are many ways to stop fake users from bothering legitimate users of online dating sites. However, the site owners would rather have the inflated user numbers than stop fakes. The tools are out there but apparently it is not good business to stop your users from being bothered or prayed upon.
Who would have thunk it.

Ross Williams

Mark - just had a look at your blog and profile, not sure why you posted that comment but let me assure you that we're doing more than most to remove scammers from our network.

We're the only white label dating platform to integrate with Iovation which allows us to automatically block scammers from our network.

We have a large support team based at our headquarters in the UK who are dedicated to supporting members and look for any suspicious activity.

As you say - the tools are out there and we're actually one of the few dating platforms to use them.

I suspect your post was directed to the industry generally rather than Dateline or in particular and it is certainly true that the rest of the industry does need to play catch up and start using these tools to remove scammers.

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Really? Wow! then that means Dateline was already in business before the internet? I've been looking for the perfect dating site. But I'm scared that it might be a scam or anything so I'm not trying it out. But with this credibility, now I know where i want to try my first online dating. Thanks for this information!


I think anything that can be done to stop the scammers is good but you will always be playing catchup with them I feel. Maybe better educated users is the answer and allowing them to easily report profiles they feel are fake.

Have to confess I hadn't realises Dateline had been around so long. I do agree there will always be a market for non-Internet dating agencies as not everyone likes using the Internet and certainly Speed-dating was doing well in the UK a couple of years ago - people do like face to face.

We've recently signed up with White Label Dating as we liked their business model - it allows mimimal start up costs but will hopefully pay off if we put the hard work in.

Ultimately it is about converting people as well - great having 1 million members but if they aren't paying members that's a lot of overhead!

Jim Foley

I think that it's a good idea to keep the offline dating industry alive. Some people still prefer to keep their information away from the internet and this is fair enough. I could also imagine that it'd be useful for elderly people who aren't too adept at using computers too!

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