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Mark E Berry

You make a brilliant comment, Mark!

As a love coach, I am always ready to help my clients use someone's dating site, but as a married man, there's no good way for me to learn about the site. If I want to know more, I have to fake being single, or worse, pay for a membership. It's too much hassle, because there is no opportunity or invitation sent out the dating experts to explore the site.

If I had a partnership with successful dating sites, I'd be much more likely to get my client base and fan base more actively involved with the online dating sites that courted me.
Expanding services is an idea only embraced (so far) by a few larger dating sites, and even then, not to its fullest potential. That's a lot of money left on the table.

Great post!!
Mark Berry

Mike Fitzgerald - Bone Fish Limited

Any matchmakers interested in discussing this as idea please contact me.

Ross Williams

Ditto for us - we're working with a matchmaking company that will be going live in July - happy to chat to other matchmakers who would like access to our online membership for matchmaking.


Hi Mike:

Please contact me. I think I may be able to help on this.


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