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Fernando Ardenghi

I took the test, I am Structured and Disciplined

I could not see any demo about how compatibility_between_prospectives_mates is expresed, however

can be read

"Understanding Personality & Compatibility

HandwritingProfiles.com Personality Scoring System© identifies a set of your key personality traits that can be compared to the personality traits of your friends, family members, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, etc. This comparison will provide insights about yourself and about others that you care about.
In addition to your unique personality traits, there are many important components that must exist for two people to be compatible. These compatibility variables found in the HandwritingProfiles.com Compatibility Scoring System© include: Disposition, Sexual Interest & Energy / Emotional Capacity, Emotional Expression, Emotional Maturity, Good Will, and Chemistry.

One's Disposition, Sexual Interest & Energy / Emotional Capacity, Emotional Expression, and Emotional Maturity can be assessed through one's handwriting. The closer these variables are between two people, the higher the success rate for maintaining a long-term relationship. Each of these compatibility components will be covered in your Handwriting Personality and Compatibility Profile.

Good Will and Chemistry are other important compatibility variables that cannot be measured through one's handwriting that are also important in determining the stay power in a long-term relationship.
Good Will is the level of belief one has in the relationship. The stronger one's Good Will , the greater the chance of withstanding not only the good times, but the tough times throughout the relationship.
Chemistry is not something that can be clearly defined. It is an intangible attraction between two people that is a very important variable in most successful relationships."

Uhm, handwriting compatibility analysis, more for entertainment purposes than for serious dating!!!

Kindest Regards,

Fernando Ardenghi.
Buenos Aires.
[email protected]

Michael Kahlowsky


Thank you for taking the Handwriting Personality and Compatibility Profile.

There is not actually a demo on the site, but once you purchase the full product you will then get access to the full compatibility tool.

The Structured and Disciplined category you received was just the free fun personality type that you are.

If you want to contact me directly at [email protected] I will send you an example of how the compatibility tool works without you having to pay for the full product.


Michael Kahlowsky

Michael Kahlowsky

This is a general note with my personal contact information for anyone that is interested in learning more about the Handwriting Personality and Compatibility Profile matching system. I can be reached at [email protected] or (561) 302-7655.

The way the Handwriting Personality and Compatibility Profiles works is as follows:

1) You take a 16 question online test and evaluate your own handwriting
2) You will receive a FUN Personality Category about yourself (which is FREE).
3) If you purchase the full profile product for $4.99, you will then gain access to your detailed personality and compatibility results and compatibility matching system.

If you do not want to purchase the full product and just want to see how the matching system works, please feel free to contact me and I will allow you to access my full profile.

Warmest regards,

Michael Kahlowsky

James Houran

Hi Michael,

Thanks for receptive to "inquiring minds" -- so to speak.

I am curious about the psychometrics of your approach. For instance, would you please post the reliability and validity information for your method -- both in terms of the handwriting analysis correctly predicting personality traits (i.e., Big 5, 16 PF) to a statistically significant level and then the evidence for the capability of your system to predict relationship quality (stability and satisfaction).

Thanks in advance,

James Houran, Ph.D.
Online Dating Magazine

Michael Kahlowsky

Dear Dr. James,

Thanks for your inquisitive questions as it relates to the validity of handwriting analysis and more specifically my matching system.

Although I have conducted formal studies as it relates to handwriting analysis and physiological medical conditions http://www.mscare.org/cmsc/images/pdf/2005CMSCAbstracts-Posters.pdf - Poster S43, I personally have not conducted a formal study (I have performed many informal studies at singles events and trade shows) that validates handwriting analysis as a predictive tool for personality traits. However, Felix Klein who was the founder of the National Society For Graphology (NSG) did do such a study that validated the matching of personality descriptions (p=.001) between two different forms of personality profiling (Graphology and TAT). The descriptions produced from the Handwriting Analysis profiling matched the descriptions produced from the TAT specialist. These results concluded that under suitable conditions both the TAT and Graphology (or Handwriting Analysis) methods can yield consistent personality profiles. Therefore, it can be deduced that my handwriting analysis skills (NSG certified) would also correctly predict personality traits since I learned and became professionally skilled in the “Gestalt” handwriting analysis school-of-thought, which was also the school-of-thought that Felix Klein taught and used when he did his graphological study. In addition to this specific study that was performed by Felix Klein, there have been numerous other studies that have been conducted over the last 100+ years that have validated traits in one’s handwriting to certain personality traits.

I can tell you this as it relates to your question about evidence for capability of my system in predicting relationship quality. From my extensive studies in both handwriting analysis, but also in the psychology of handwriting, I concluded that there are four very important personality traits that can be found from one’s handwriting that are important in successful relationships. Those traits are: Emotional Maturity, Emotional Expression, Sexual Interest/Energy and Disposition (extroverted, introverted, somewhere in between). These four personality traits are the cornerstone of my matching system. Then with the basic premise that the more common two peoples views are within each of these traits, the more compatible these two individuals will be with each other. Other traits that I also mention as important to relationships are Goodwill and Chemistry. However, these traits are not within my matching system as one’s handwriting does not identify these traits.


Michael Kahlowsky - NSG Certified Handwriting Expert

James Houran

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your additional material. It is clear to me from your descriptions and my research that this approach -- while probably more fun and even intuitive to many end users -- is not an ideal compatibility or even personality test.

While a few articles have proposed that graphology is a valid and useful technique, the overwhelming results of well-controlled empirical studies have been that the technique has not demonstrated acceptable validity, see:

Driver, R. H., Buckley, M. R., & Frink, D. D. (1996). Should we write off graphology? International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 4, 78-86.

Furnham, A., & Gunter, B. (1987). Graphology and personality: Another failure to validate graphological analysis. Personality And Individual Differences, 8, 433-435.

The TAT is a projective technique, not a personality assessment per se. In fact, the same could be same for graphology. It does not surprise me that there would be some correlation between two, ambiguous techniques like this. More to the point, there are different theories and approaches in graphology, which might explain the disparate findings.

Emotional Maturity, Emotional Expression, Sexual Interest/Energy and Disposition do not seem to be personality traits, and personality traits themselves are not factors which couples need to exhibit strong similarity. In fact, the research is clear on this: couples generally have little to no similarity in personality.

I think you are well meaning, Michael. Some people offering compatibility tests should know better than to market they do. Indeed, most compatibility tests fail to meet professional standards. It is a difficult area of assessment to do well.


James Houran, Ph.D.
Online Dating Magazine

Michael Kahlowsky

Dr. James,

Thank you for sharing your perspective with me. For more then a decade I have been analyzing peoples handwritings from singles to couples. From the consistent positive reactions I have received from these interactions and from my analyses, I am confident that handwriting does reflect one's personality. I appreciate your feedback, however I would have to respectfully disagree with your perspective on handwriting analysis.

This is a topic that I can go into a lot more detail about and would be happy to share more specifics with you about handwriting analysis if you are interested. If you are interested in learning more about my perspective please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] or (561) 302-7655.

Warmest regards,


Darren Waldholz - President - LockandKeyEvents.com

To all,

I stumbled across this blog and wanted to let people know that Michael has attended many of our events to provide handwriting analysis to our guests free of charge. He's always swamped and people have validated his analysis.

I think it may be a good thing for a progressive dating site to add his product to their feature list.

Just my thoughts,

Darren Waldholz - President
Lock and Key Events, Inc.

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