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Fernando Ardenghi

"People are Experience Goods: Improving Online Dating with Virtual Dates"

They only conducted 3 studies.
"Study 1: Fruitless Searching in Online Dating
Method and Results Participants (N = 132; 49 male, Mage = 39.4, SD = 11.9) completed the survey by following a link on an online dating website."

"Study 2: People are Experience Goods
Method and Results Participants (N = 47; 37 male, Mage = 24.2, SD = 7.7) were unmarried individuals who completed this survey online as part of an unrelated series of experiments."

"Study 3: Virtual Dates
Participants (N = 24; 12 male, Mage = 27.1, SD = 5.1) were recruited on an online dating website we created for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology community, Participants completed the first two sections of the study – reading one profile and going on one Virtual Date – at their home or office by logging on to a preassigned website. One to two days later, all participants met face-to-face during a 4- minute speed-date. After the speed-date, participants answered four questions about their partner: ....

Those researches did not study in depth any actual online dating site offering personality/compatibility matching methods.

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Fernando Ardenghi.
Buenos Aires.
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Igor Kotlyar, Ph.D.

Very interesting research findings! Virtual dating is a terrific way to bridge the gap between reading a profile and meeting in-person. It's great to see scientific evidence on the effectiveness of virtual dating ... particularly from Harvard!!

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