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Ross Williams

Well we're using Iovation to remove most attempted scammers from the white label dating network. It's early days yet but we're already seeing good results - after a few more weeks we'll have some figures to share. Very exciting results so far though.

Renee Moore

What do you do when the Romance Scammers aren't really the scammers? What if they are just bitter women upset that a man did not return their affections and thought they'd ruin their reputations like Annette S Scammer did on Who investigates the persons making reports? Like, this weekend, my sister just found a report on with my deceased brother's photo. He passed away 3/4/08. He was very ill since 2004. Annette S Scammer posted a report against him 1/2008 when he was then Quadreplegic, completely bedridden and unable to dial a phone let alone use a computer without assistance? WHO protects these individuals??? Who goes after these Psycho women (or men) who are just simply 'pissed off' if they feel rejected. What if, aka Annette (EVA) , you didn't get a response because the guy just got diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) and was just told he had a 15% chance of survival??? Do you still try to ruin their reputations and tell lies about them to deter other women from dating them....EVEN when they are not datable because they are on a ventilator in ICU at the Cleveland Clinic and can't speak for SICK FUCK (if your reading this!). I will dedicate what little time I have to finding you and where you live, legally that is! You met my brother on a dating website he joined the year he became sick and when he didn't reply to your nudies you took it personally not KNOWING what he was going through in his life. To make matters worse, you somehow made contact and knew he was terminally ill because you attempted several times to contact him via, a website created by his best friend and webmaster which now stands as a memorial to his life. Thank God...she intervened and screened all your Psycho messages that my nieces and nephews, mother and father, aunts and uncles, my brothers co-workers, friends and associates could have read. GET A FUCKING LIFE YOU LONELY (I'm assuming - pathetic, fat, bitch!!!). How dare you post a FALSE report using my deceased brother's picture all because of WHAT??? What the hell was going on in your life to do such a thing and furthermore attempt to leave disrupting messages on a Cancer Website to a man you NEVER MET!!! Someone needs to investigate the persons making the reports. I understand there ARE alot of scammer's from Nigeria, etc. trying to take advantage of American Single Women like myself but for God's sake - harassing a man who was on his deathbed, trying to leave messages for friends and family to read that were FALSE. You NEED HELP!!!
ANYONE who knows of 'Annette S' and her cruelty please feel free to contact me directly. 'I' have NOTHING to hide. I will gladly take every measure possible to catch disgusting, lonely, bitter, pathetic women and call them out on their own 'scams'!!!

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