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Fernando Ardenghi

"Meetic, Europe's biggest Internet dating service, plans to double earnings in four years by charging more of its Web-site users"
"Meetic, based in Boulogne-Billancourt, outside of Paris, is seeking to turn more of its 35 million registered users into fee paying customers."

Its 35 million registered users?
Is Ulteem's users included inside Meetic's users?
Perhaps more than 90% of them are not active any more (3 months without entering the site) or impossible to be converted into paying clients.

If those users could consider to pay a fee, most probaby they will think in a high precision compatibility matching method!


Fernando Ardenghi.
Buenos Aires.
[email protected]


Wonder how they will increase the fee's when the the competition from the free sites is heating up in Europa?

Ross Williams

"Plans to double earnings" - well I think most companies plan on doing that!! :)

Whether they can or not remains to be seen - from our perspective they've really lost momentum in the UK.

We've seen a lot of partners move from DatingDirect to setting up their own site with us. I'm still surprised that Meetic's figures are so low though - we're doing about a quarter of the revenue that Meetic are doing and we're doubling revenue every 6 months so they're obviously feeling it!!

Bien que se passe,



Meetic are crooks, stealing my money. I have unsubscribed but Meetic continue to charge my account.

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