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Fernando Ardenghi

From http://www.genepartner.com/index.php?c=08&si=1
"The GenePartner project was inspired by a famous study performed by Prof. Dr. Wedekind at the University of Bern in Switzerland. In this study, Prof. Dr. Wedekind recruited female volunteers to smell T-shirts worn by men for three consecutive days and rate them for attractiveness. He then analyzed the particular part of DNA that codes for HLA (human leukocyte antigen) molecules and found that women preferred T-shirts from men whose HLA molecules were most different from their own. Sensing and classifying the HLA genes is something our bodies do automatically and subconsciously."

"In 2003, the GenePartner team decided to take this discovery one step further and see if there are specific patterns of HLA genes that 'attract' each other more."

"The GenePartner formula measures the genetic compatibility between two individuals and makes an accurate prediction of the strength of their basis for a long-lasting and fulfilling romantic relationship."

It says "specific patterns"

High Precision patterns comparison between prospects SHOULD specify:
1) the ENSEMBLE (the whole set of different valid possibilities)

2) how exactly the compatibility matching method works, specifying main matching equation/ formula (without revealing proprietary information).

3) Which is the average number of "compatible real persons" for one person over the entire database? E.g.: 3 persons in a 100,000 persons database or 12 in 1,000,000. (or the 3 most compatible in 100,000 or the 12 most compatible in 1,000,000).

4) The whole precision
E.g.: "The pattern
is 92,55033557% +/- 0.00000001%
similar to the pattern"


"GenePartner is a formula to match men and women by analyzing specific genes in their DNA."

No matter GenePartner Scientific claims, I saw from a DEMO the best GenePartner can express compatibility is a combination of:
* a written report like "Result 4L4 Most of the components in this genetic combination are favorable and present a good basis for a strong long term relationship."
* two semaphores to express the degree of physical attractiveness to one another like:
- red/red
- red/yellow
- red/green
- yellow/red
- yellow/yellow
- yellow/green
- green/red
- green/yellow
- green/green to say "Additionally, one of the tested components reveals a likelihood you will find this person also physically attractive (although he/she may be less attracted to you).

With that kind of written report & graphic results combination, the whole precision (measurement_of_variables + pattern_calculation) is less than anyone could achieve by searching on one's own!


Fernando Ardenghi.
Buenos Aires.
[email protected]

Mark Brooks

I can't see gene based matchmaking quite taking off, but its an intriguing and wonderfully controversial (and PR worthy) idea.


I would love to see long term statistics on the couples who are matched this way.

James Houran

My team offered to conduct a professional scientific study PRO BONO on the claimed customer benefits of ScientificMatch.com.

Instead of seizing upon this offer, the managers of this service repeatedly ducked the issue. Makes one think!

In any event, while ScientificMatch may be hopeless from what I can tell, my team will extend the offer to any "DNA dating" service. These methods deserve serious study to see if they are legitimate or pseudoscience.


James Houran, Ph.D.

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