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James Houran

When you take a healthy objective and critical look at these claims of "chemistry" related to DNA matching, one quickly realizes that there's nothing substantive there to back them up. In fact, some companies have no grasp of the very research they tout to justify their methods.

However, my team has volunteered pro bono to conduct a real-world test of at least one company's claims. The double-blind experiment would then be submitted for academic publication. It's disappointing, but not that surprising, that this particular company desperately avoided this offer.

Interested reporters are encouraged to contact me for full details.

As an industry insider and respected compatibility researcher, my professional opinion is that consumers should stay away from DNA dating (and save money on these costly services) until real-world validation studies on their services prove they actually predict relationship quality.


James Houran, Ph.D.


Mr. Houran:

Perhaps you need to notify all the online services to check their data base's for Mr. Holzles name. I've seen him on 3 major online dating services.

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