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James Houran

Yes, hearty congratulations! Welcome to the "no sleep" club.


James Houran, Ph.D.

Glenn Millar

Congratulatons Mark and Irena.

Always Remember: We often spend the first year of a child's life teaching him to walk and talk, and then somehow, spend the next 17, telling him to sit down and shutup. :)

Sam Moorcroft

Welcome to the club, Mark and Irena! It'll expand your horizons like nothing you have ever experienced. What a great trip!

We're looking forward to our two new ones sometime in late Feb/early Mar 2009:-)

Our existing pair turned 3 only 3 weeks ago, so that'll make 4 kids under the age of 4!!

Dave Evans

Congrats to you both. I'm now officially the last single guy w/o kids in the industry, lol.

Dmitry Avdeev

I join all folks above and my sincere congratulations on this wonderful occasion! :)

PS: Glenn, you are sooo right! :-D

Sam Moorcroft

Meir is married with kids, Dave?

Janet Reiss

Mazel Tov on the wonderful "surprise".

Mark Brooks

Thanks. We're absolutely ecstatic to have such a pretty little girl. She seems to have Irena's calm temperamanet, and...her good looks as well. :-)

I caught her first hiccups on video yesterday. See http://www.seasonalparadise.com. Apparently I'm supposed to pat her on the back a little more. Hmm, for hiccups? Any advice is appreciated. We're new to this.



Madison (my 4 year old) and I just watched all your videos! Let me tell you, they grow up super fast. Though Madison wants to know when she gets to play with that little baby. LOL

As for hiccups, there really isn't anything you can do for them. My 1 year old still gets them a lot.

Marc Lesnick

We spoke on the phone. I sent you and Irena the flowers. ..... Now Congrats online at OPW!


Congratulations its the best

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