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I thought it was a social networking site; as this is why I registered. Then, I began to get bombarded with dating type of emails. So, I'm as confused as many others might be. I've met 'friends' and also others with different ideas. I guess a site is what the PEOPLE make of it.



I was checking my e-mail today and my computer suddenly would not take my information it said someone else was using my information. I tried twice and I recieved a messaige that said my request URI was to big. I logged out and turn the computer back on and everything worked. I then found that I had a e-mail from this Person : Asikajj K that said it was sent from me at precisly the time that I had my computer issue. This person is form some place in anouther country and wanted to talk about a buisness deal. "Let me send out a warning". It messed my computer up for a little while getting this e-mail sent to me.


tagged is at times just this side of being a scam. On the other hand it is a good social networking site, in fact, I met my wife on Tagged so..........

Steve Bonner

hey there girl's. just wanted to say what"s up. I am new to the site and computer Dating? Just want to have Fun. hope to get my pic. up soon. So the girls can see what i look like.Even though look's aren't everything. but it sure dose help. i am 6' 1' 235. Blue eye's light brown hair.

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