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Ross Williams -

Hmmm - most sites would be happy if 10% of their users use a particular feature.

We're trialling video chat at the moment on all our general dating sites and it's proving popular.

The report claims that 63% of MFO's female members don't like web cams - well that's fine as there's surely more than 10% who will.

Martin Bysh - MakeFriendsOnline

I agree that the fact that not everyone will use a feature is not necessarily a reason to dump that feature. But the most common reason given by female respondents for avoiding webcams and presumably sites that use them was that they're “sleezy”. I know that they needn't be of course, but this was the their perception. Adding a feature perceived by the most difficult to aquire members (women) as “sleezy” may not be a good move. It's not just adding an optional feature, it may change the tone of the site. I'll be interested to see how your trial goes.

Mark Brooks

Generally sites will offer some form of user flagging for inappropriate behavior but by the time they are flagged, they may have scared off several members.


Plus webcams (unless you have an expensive one) really don't show you in your best light. I personally can't stand how bad mine makes me look, so I definitely wouldn't want to be using it on a dating site.


If it was up to most women, all the men on every site would have to have 3 clear photo's
and the women wouldn't have to any at all. Especially RECENT ones

Video dating sites will never work for the same reason that the video PHONE never took off.

Audrey Klammer

I think a lot of dating site functions are created without the actual user in mind, or without keeping in mind that there are (and probably always will be) differences between the way women and men approach online dating.

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