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Ross Williams

Thanks Mark - yup things going very well at the moment, our partners have been incredible. It's amazing to think that a year ago some of these guys weren't doing anything but are now earning $100k/month and upwards. Has been a great year, we'll be announcing some very special news soon!!


the dating game is on the down turn and continues to go down.

Tim Rees

Dating will never go out of fashion! Those looking for dates will not suddenly stop, and of those actively looking I think few will become unprepared to pay the relatively small fees charged by most dating sites.

The current financial climate may look very bleak, and who knows, this could effect the growth of the whole internet dating market in the short term, but for up and coming companies the market is more than large enough to sustain their own growth within it.

My own guess is we will see some consolidation, but we will also see
more companies appearing and establishing themselves.

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