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Ross Williams -

A Ukranian and a Scot being interviewed over the phone? I don't believe you could have transcribed that right - there's not a mention of shooting pigs of deep frying mars bars anywhere!!! :o)

Good to hear another British dating company doing so well.

Well done on the transcribing ;)



With only four years into your site, how have you managed to build a critical mass so quickly? I started a site about 10 months ago here in the states(Atlanta, Ga) and am frustrated by the fact that I have very few members? What would you suggest as a first step to building critical mass?

Dmitry Avdeev

It's interesting to see Russian and Ukrainian names at OPW: omnidate, sayheyhey, easydate - who's next? :)

And Mr. Anderson, you need to build traffic flow to your site first thing. Note that it should be _hiqh quality_ dating traffic. There are many ways to do that and participating in dating traffic exchange is one of the popular (and effective too) ways to do that. Take a look at Dating Ad Network - . You can get free dating traffic here and also earn cash in exchange for it.

Jason S.

Speaking as a U.S. victim of identity theft, with over $200 in fraudulent charges to my debit card from for memberships to at least three of their dating sites, I can say that it isn't too hard to build a membership base quickly if you do not check to see if the cardholder name and address match the membership information provided my scammers. To add insult to injury, it has proven very difficult for me to recover my money from Easydategroup.

K. Wright-Brown

With many complaints around the internet concerning ( IDE group )
Carrying out my own survey and research I see why there are so many complaints. I signed up for a trial at £4.95 and got stung for almost £60 with ' customer service ' an abysmal farce. On other sites I paid £29.95 for 30 days then decided to leave and was offered another 30 days ongoing at £9.95.

I wonder what their ' respectable ' clients and ' business partners 'will think of being associated with this company when they learn of these fraudulent tactics and if their growth continues quite so fast then ?

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