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Fernando Ardenghi

"Free personal sites are one of the hottest new trends in online dating"

A free online dating site could be *more expensive* than paying for a serious online dating site
because when you post your profile to a *free site* or when you search for compatible real persons, you are spending precious time.
Time that you are paying with your life.
If you quantify the time you spent in a *free site*, suppose USD5.00/hour x 45 hours (1/2 hour x 3 months) == USD 225.00, USD 75/month!!!
It is worth than many serious online dating site's subscription fee!!!

Kindest Regards,

Fernando Ardenghi.
Buenos Aires.
[email protected]

Jonathan Crutchley


If you ask around you might learn that business is better for all online dating sites (free sites AND pay sites) because of the economic troubles. Think of it--if more people are out or work, they need to fill their time doing something, and they may turn to dating sites, even ones that cost money. I can tell you that traffic and subscription sales at are up recently, especially on days when the stock market is doing worst. Go figure.


There are more sites like, and



Mark Brooks

"Welcome to, a new kind of online dating service that brings you and your matches closer together like never before."

How so?

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