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Ross Williams

This looks like a bit of an Exclusive Mark - very interesting.

It's a shame for the people there but not surprising - we've taken significant market share in the UK over the last 12 months and that's got to be taken away from others.

I think the general consensus is that Allegran has lost momentum and direction in the last 12 months, particularly the last 6 months.

There are some good people there and we'd very much like to hear from people who enjoy the industry and would want to work for a growing, successful, profitable and exciting online dating industry - we're hiring!!

Dr. Suzy Deep

It's not surprising if you saw how Associated Northcliffe Digital, the purchasers of Allegran, allowed the most successful dating company in the UK to be hijacked by marketing experts who halved the turnover and aggressively drove the creative force away. Shame for the staff but it has been on the cards for a long time.

Ross Williams -

Agreed - how a dating company can make a loss when others are making the kind of profit we are is crazy.

With their market share, I'd be expecting profits of £500m per month - not a £1m annual loss.

I've been very disappointed with Associated Northcliffe Digital for a while - they had a great opportunity but thought that they knew best, rather than making the most of people who have proven themselves.

If I was them, I'd have given the team carte blanche to make me a lot of money - it seems that they interferred and although there were a great bunch of people there, they just don't to have let them do their job.

A message to ex-Allegran staff and anyone else working for an online dating company - if you're not feeling appreciated, come chat to me :)


Dr. Suzy Deep

>> With their market share, I'd be expecting profits of £500m per month - not a £1m annual loss

Ross as far as I know, Allegran in their heyday knew the business so well they accurately charted and predicted the daily turnover I am told. It was quite a staggering amount of money if this is to believed.

I wonder if the figures will ever come out?

James Mullins

I am a member of GirlsDateForFree and tried repeatedly to cancel my "repeat Billing cycle" on July 14, 2011 but was unable to do so. When I tried emailing them at: [email protected] but it came back as a "Mailer DAEMON". If they charge my account it will not pay it and they have some clause in the membership that states they will do something about it; like, ban me from ever being able to be a member ever again or something to that affect.

If there's anyone out there who knows what the Hell is going with tha outfit, please email me at [email protected]


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